Classmates C
Caccese, Dora
Calhoun, Steven
Author of The Marylanders: Without a Shelter or Crumb, A Saga of the Fascist Repression of a Family During the American Civil War. (Last update 1/14/08)

Cangialosi Semler, Connie
B.S. Ohio State University in Education. Special Education certification from Centenary College MS Nova Southeastern U. Teaching Third grade at Liberty Corner School, Basking Ridge, NJ. Husband Mike Semler (no relation to G.J.!), who works for Victaulic Co. of America. Daughters: Jennifer, BA, Ithaca College in Film, Assistant to CEO Universal Pictures and Kathleen, BA, University of Delaware, works in the social work field in Chester, PA. (Last update 3/21/07) 40th Reunion attendee.

Caporale, Richard

Caprio, Gerard
After graduation from Williams (with fellow LHS ’68 classmate Lou Nagle), I went to the University of Michigan for a Ph.D. in Economics. My interest in economic development began at Williams, and when I told my adviser here that I would like to teach at a small college, he said that I should get a little experience elsewhere before coming back to Williams to teach. 34 years later, I returned here, after stints at the IMF, Federal Reserve Board (and G.W. University at night), JP Morgan, and 18 years at the World Bank. My wife, Jeanne, is a full time art quilter now, previously being a photo-journalist and then a clinical social worker. We have two children, Peter who is 23, married, in the Army, and working at the White House Communications Office, and who has a 2-year old, my grandson Gabe, and my daughter Marisa, 19, in college. My passion is classical guitar, which I play every day, and I am a former marathon runner who now walks and hikes in the beautiful Berkshire hills around Williamstown. (Last update 11/14/07)

Carras Schott, Margaret
Deceased 1/11/2019.

Carrington III, Malcom

From The Star Ledger, June 20, 2007

Malcolm Mike Carrington III, 56, died at home of cardiac arrest on June 14, 2007. A memorial service will be held on Saturday, June 23, at 2:30 p.m. at St. Peters Church on South Street in Morristown. Arrangements are by Rowe-Lanterman Home For Funerals, Morristown. Mr. Carrington was a graduate of Northwestern University and earned an MBA at Seton Hall University. He was employed by Prudential Financial for 24 years as a contract analyst. His community interests included the Kellogg Club, where he served as board secretary for several years; the Shakespeare Club of Morristown, local political issues and membership in St. Peters Episcopal Church. Mike will be remembered for being a wellread individual with a wry sense of humor. He is survived by his wife, Linda; stepson, Henry Langstaff; his brothers, Steven and David; his sister, Holly Ashby, and nieces and nephews.

Cartinhour, Jack
I’m still alive and kicking here in Oklahoma. I’ve been retired for about 15 years.  Retirement is not a utopia, but it sure beats working! My wife and I have been married for almost 35 years; I am very fortunate to have such a fine woman for a wife. Best wishes to all my fellow septuagenarians in the LHS class of ’68. (Last update 10/25/2022)

Charles Rudmann, Debbie
I work too hard running a creative (graphic design) studio with my two partners. I have three wonderful children, Aaron 24, Elyse 20, and Ateret 13, and a great husband, Max. (Last update 4/24/07)
Cimino, Alphonse

(From G.J. Semler)

When I heard that Alphonse had passed, I was surprised as I believe he didn’t even make it out of his forties. I heard secondhand he suffered a heart attack. My connection to him came from us both being from the same neighborhood. Fonse as we use to call him lived up the street from me on Hazelwood Ave. I lived on a crossroad called Sheridan Rd. between Hazelwood and Wellington Road. We both attended Heritage together and played on the freshman basketball team as well. Fonse was quiet, and portly as well, but with very quick feet. He didn’t play much, but he was on freshman team as was Steve Beck who we all know has a personality as big as all outdoors. The thing I remember most about Alphonse is that we used to play basketball on a tiny court he had behind his house. I would come up and play there as I was just starting to find that sport and developing my skills. There was many a day that after school we’d be shooting the ball at Fonse’s court. Later as time passed and we all moved on and as I would come back to Livingston to check in on my parents, I’d sometimes cross paths with Alphonse, as he still lived up the street with his parents and I believe worked for the town in the public works department. Alphonse would stop the car and say hello. It was always good to say hello back, catch up on his doings. We were teammates once and from that a bond of friendship and familiarity remained whenever our paths crossed. I’m sure his friends who might read this will know he was a good teammate, never looking to call attention to himself, but always looking to contribute when called upon. We miss you Alphonse and hope you are looking down on us and helping to keep each of our own roads to a better place clear of any obstacles. Thanks for being a good teammate.

Ciricillo Spock, Linda
I am a psychologist living in Connecticut since l972. I have been happily married to my college sweetheart for 33 years and have two sons, ages 26 and 23. My oldest son is in medical school, and my younger son is an aspiring opera singer. My most fun accomplishments of late are that I am a published poet and I helped my aerobics teacher make a fitness video. (Last update 4/23/07) 40th Reunion attendee.

Cobb Malinchak, Michele
Married, earned my Masters and PhD, reared two boys (Chris 31, writer and producer of club music for small label, and Brian 28, web designer with AOL), divorced, and became assistant director of a tutoring center for 15 years. I enjoy reading, traveling, collecting American country primitive antiques. I’m now living in Chatham, NJ, teaching English at Berlitz Language School. Health and happiness to all of you! (Last update 9/6/07) 40th Reunion attendee.

Cobean Hassel, Nancy (
I was a software developer for the Navy Submarine Research Lab in Newport, RI, for 42 years, marrying an Electrical Engineer co-worker along the way. We had kids late (1993 & 1995) and retired (January 2018) to after the kids finished college. My hobby is fiber arts & I have a 40-harness computer-controlled loom. Our retirement house in NH is a “handyman special” on 50 acres of forestland. (Last update 9/11/18)

Cohen, Mark
Cohen, Stuart
Attorney living in Longwood FL. Graduated Boston U. after LHS.then graduated Stetson U. Law School and settled in sunny FL where i practice law. Two children: Eric, age 28, electrical/computer engineer graduated MIT 2002 and masters MIT 2004, lives cambridge; Andrew, age 12, an excellent tennis partner and good company. Brother mark lives in upper Montclair in commercial real estate business. Speak often to Rich Rubin, who also lives in upper Montclair and is in banking in NYC. (Last update 3/3/08)

Cohen, Susan
I’ve been living out here in sunny Marina Del Rey since 1982 when I became divorced and decided to start life all over away from family, friends, etc. Lo and behold, my family followed me out here one by one, so now all the Cohen Girls and children are out here enjoying the weather. I miss NJ very much and think of going back to visit often. Never have been blessed with children, but love to spoil nieces and nephews! The website is amazing and I thank each and everyone who has put so much effort into it for the rest of us to enjoy! (Last update 9/7/07) 40th Reunion attendee.

Collins, John
Married (2x) with five daughters (three with my wife Robin) and now grandchildren. I’m a trial lawyer with Bongiovanni, Collins & Warden, PC, in Denville, NJ, specializing in Medical Malpractice and Product Liability. (Last update 10/1/07) 40th & 50th Reunion attendee. 

Connell, Robert


Robert J. Connell, 61 , died May 4, 2011 in Hackettstown Regional Medical Center, Hackettstown, NJ. Robert lived in Panther Valley (Allamuchy Township) for 5 years coming from Morris Plains, NJ and was born in Glasgow, Scotland on February 23, 1950. Robert was a Computer Analyst for Agylis, South Carolina. He served in the United States Army. Robert was a graduate of Livingston High School and attended the Chubb Institute.

Son of the late Joseph and Marion (Stewart) Connell. Survived by 1 Sister Diann Decker at home; 2 Nephews Glenn and Roy; 1 Niece Angelina; Pre deceased by a nephew(late) Collin.

Conway Orrick, Sharon
I live in Alpharetta, GA, a suburb NE of Atlanta. It’s a wonderful life here with pansies in the winter and sunshine just about every day. I have two wonderful, handsome sons, Ryan (manager at large IT firm) and Russell (police officer). Both own new homes close by. I was employed for almost 10 years at St. Benedict Church as Director of Religious Education. I am now Exec. Asst. to the President of Notre Dame Academy, a Catholic grammar/middle school. I lost my beloved husband, Don, to cancer almost 11 years ago, but my life is rich and full of wonderful friends & family. I can’t wait until my sons marry and the next phase of my life unfolds (grandchildren). I look forward to seeing everyone again. (Last update 3/21/07)

Coull, Henry
I’ve lived in Fort Collins, CO since 1973. Have two kids and two grandkids, ages 5 and 7. All these years later, I’m still a carpenter. Not retired! (Last update 2/19/08) 40th & 50th Reunion attendee.


Coull, Jeanne
Worked for Lucent Technologies as an editor for 30 years. Retired six years ago and loving it! During that time I worked also for Bell Labs holding a Secret clearance for 25 years and a Top Secret clearance for five years. Worked as an editor for engineers who taught cellular wireless engineering. I have enjoyed traveling over the years, England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Myorcha, Africa, Canada, Bermuda, Barbados, Aruba and Alcapulco. After retiring I got involved in volunteer work in Morristown at the Community Soup Kitchen feeding the homeless. It is a very satisfying feeling. I enjoy still hearing from Sue (Reock) Renwick, Jane (Winberry) Harrison, Sandy (Weisinger) Haldane, Pat Culbertson, Kathy (Burns) Schrader and I see always Mary Greaves and Angel (Falcone) DePalma. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Summer Reunion Dinner and the 2008 reunion. (Last update 7/8/07) 40th & 50th Reunion attendee.

Courtney, Kevin


Kevin Edward Courtney died suddenly on October 19, 2023. The son of Dolores (Goerdes) Courtney and James Courtney, Kevin was born in Newark, New Jersey, on October 8, 1950, and spent most of his childhood in Livingston, New Jersey, with his parents and four older brothers (deceased). His father and brothers, all outstanding athletes, nurtured in Kevin a lifelong love of sports. After graduation from Livingston High School, Kevin attended Columbia University (B.A. Economics 1972), where he not only played on the football team but also played baseball and ran track.

After graduation from Columbia, Kevin worked in North Carolina as a volunteer for VISTA, a government program set up to help improve impoverished areas in the United States. This was Kevin’s first step in a lifetime of commitment to helping people in need, furthering social justice, and empowering underrepresented community members. For over twenty years, Kevin worked for the Industrial Areas Foundation as a community organizer. He was the lead organizer of EPISO in El Paso, Texas, later working as the lead organizer of PCIC, the organization in Tucson, Arizona, until his retirement in 2020. Kevin also helped people as a teacher. (He earned a M. Ed. from the University of Arizona.) He taught ESL and GED students as an instructor at Pima County Adult Education, and, most recently, was volunteering his time as an ESL teacher at Our Mother of Sorrows Catholic Church in Tucson. In the late 1980’s, Kevin traveled to Arequipa, Peru, where he taught English to high school and university students.

Kevin is survived by his wife of 36 years, Ellen (Hazlehurst) Courtney, whom he met in Arequipa, Peru, as well as a daughter, Mary Ojeda (Suarez), and three sons, Robert, Jimmy, and George Ojeda. He is also survived by his daughters-in-law, Fely Ojeda and Leah Stauber, and his son-in-law, Steve Suarez. Kevin adored his nine grandchildren, who all survive him: Fernando, Isaiah, Mathias, Ximena, Sebastian, Valeria, Joaquin, Saya and Bianka. Finally, Kevin is survived by a great many cousins, nieces and nephews, with whom he maintained close, loving relationships.

Throughout adulthood, Kevin was a passionate writer. He wrote stories, historical vignettes, and, during retirement, an entire book about mentoring organizers. He loved participating in his grandchildren’s sports activities, both as a spectator and coach. This often entailed driving grandsons to soccer games and track meets in other cities and states. He loved every minute of these experiences. He was always on call for anything a grandchild might need of him. Kevin also loved camping as well as hiking with his friend, Tim. In fact, Kevin had a passion for the outdoors and for travel, which he instilled in his children and grandchildren. Finally, Kevin was a great dancer who really enjoyed a good party.

Coyne, John
After graduating from the University of Georgia in 1972 and a short return to Livingston, I have lived in Georgia for over 34 years. I presently live in the storybook community of Alpharetta, GA, known as Crabapple, with my wife of 18 years, Pamela. I have three children, John (35), Cathy (34), and Casey (32), and two step-children, Christopher (27) and Matthew (25). I have been blessed with nine grandchildren, seven boys and two girls – the oldest will soon be 15 and the last three were born in May, June and October of this year. I have spent most of my professional career in the real estate development of multi-family properties and property management, along with due diligence as a partner in an architectural firm. Career-wise, I presently run a small company that builds and manages independent living/housing for young adults with developmental disabilities (M.E.I.). In 2006, seeing the direction the country was heading, I declared myself a candidate in Georgia’s 4th Congressional District and ran against Cynthia McKinney. I didn’t win, but was responsible for her being defeated. Now, I’m considering another run in 2008. I believe I could make a difference. (Last update 10/23/07)

Craig, John
I retired in 2013 after working too many jobs to list.  After 17 years on Cape Cod, decided to move to Florida in 2014 for the warmer weather, and because my wife, Lynn, needed a kidney transplant & Florida had the shortest waiting time.  Sadly, she passed away in April 2017 after a courageous fight.  My life will never be the same. (Last update 7/23/18) 40th & 50th  Reunion attendee.

Crawford Gould, Janet (
One marriage, two kids, two grandkids, several careers. Lived in NJ for 37 years, then retired to a beautiful island in SC and never looked back. We’re still in love, have a great family, wonderful friends, are as healthy as we can expect. Still enjoying the ride! (Last update 9/10/17) 40th & 50th Reunion attendee.

Crawford, Patricia

Cruse Bohrer, Susie


From the Miami Herald:
Miami, Florida – Susan Lee “Susie” Bohrer passed away on December 31, 2021. She was a devoted daughter and a wonderful mother and wife. She was 71. She will be missed by her children, Jessica and Matthew, their spouses, Daniel and Andrea, and her four grandchildren, Cole, Edie, Dorian and Theo. Susie, who earned a Master’s Degree in Special Education, lived a life devoted to helping children. She was a Sunday School teacher for more than 30 years, received an award from her Bishop for her service. She worked tirelessly with boy scouts, cub scouts, girl scouts and handicapped scouts. The boy scouts gave her a Spirit Award and a Sparky Award for all the good work she did. When her children were in elementary school, every teacher had Susie at the top of the list for classroom mother because of her tireless work to help the children (and the teachers) in school. For years she worked on the Pinecrest Elementary School drama productions, making dozens of costumes by herself in addition to helping the students in so many ways. Susie was one of the first three people named as a Positive Person in Pinecrest. After Susie was diagnosed with breast cancer right after her home was devastated by Hurricane Andrew, she didn’t stop and feel sorry for herself, but instead she immediately went to work helping others, working with Reach to Recovery and with anyone who needed help. Until her health stopped her, she helped with special kids in the Shake A Leg program. Her husband Sandy will forever miss the love of his life, whom he met when she was 14 and was a sophomore in high school and he was 17 and a senior. The family asks that as a remembrance friends make a donation to Girl Scouts of the USA.

Susie’s most recent bio entry with us:
After graduation I went to Boston University, then Boston College graduate school. Both degrees were in special education. I married Sandy Bohrer, LHS Class of 1966, now an attorney in Miami. We live in Pinecrest, Florida, a suburb of Miami. In summer we stay in Marblehead, Massachusetts. We have a daughter, Jessica, who is a lawyer in New York City, and a son, Matthew, also a lawyer who is now working with the Knight Foundation. Matt is engaged to a wonderful young woman, Andrea, who is completing her PhD as a molecular biologist at the University of Pennsylvania, where Matt went to law school and Jessica was an undergraduate. I now volunteer with Shake-A-Leg, which helps special children from the local public schools with art, music, tutoring and sailing programs. I love sailing with the children on Biscayne Bay on small 20-foot sailboats. I’ve taught Sunday School for 27 years and have been involved in Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Handicapped Scouts. I also volunteered with our elementary school drama club for years, even after our children moved on. We put on fantastic musical productions. I worked with the children and designed and made costumes. We have a gentle Golden Retriever. His name is “Scout.” I am also happy to say that I am a cancer survivor. It has been 15 years. I often help other women with breast cancer and plan to survive for many years to come. I often visit Livingston. My parents still live at 2 Wellington Road, near the high school. I hope to join everyone at our 40th LHS reunion. I also hope you are all happy and healthy. (Last update 9/8/08) 40th Reunion attendee.

Culberson, Pat
40th & 50th Reunion attendee.

Cutrone Mermini, Diane
Real estate broker. (Last update 3/21/07)

Cymanksy, Lee
40th Reunion attendee.