Classmates G
Gaffney Heavener, Marilyn
I’m pretty sure that I never really thought what it would be like 50 years after high school. But, here we are. As for me, I am still married to my husband Jim (Class of 1965). We celebrated 48 years of marriage this past June. Pretty sure I never really thought about what 50 years of marriage would be like either but that seems to be around the corner, as well. Our family is really grown. Our 3 children are all in their mid-40s and their 8 children are no longer small. Now, we really get to see how they all turn out! Our oldest granddaughter is 24 and is living in Hoboken and working in NYC. It was such a thrill when she graduated college with honors and went out on her own in the world. The next granddaughter is 20 and a Junior in college. One grandson is now entering college and 3 more grandsons are in high school. That leaves the two youngest girls, one is in 8th grade and the other entering Middle School for 6th. So, no more cute little kiddie functions here. It’s all serious business now! We still have our family business and we are still working, although our son has been taking over more and more. It is looking like retirement is closer than ever. We are more than ready for that one. (Last update 8/24/18) 40th & 50th Reunion attendee.
Galen, Lynn
Garber, Richard
Garber, Steven
Garnett, William
40th Reunion attendee.
Garofalo, Robert
Genser, Gary
I’ve lived in CT the last 20 years with my wife Carol. Prior to CT we spent most of our time in Los Angeles. Carol and I have been together 31 years and have two kids. My son is 30, graduated from Cornell and has decided to go to law school in San Diego. My daughter is 27, married, graduated from Penn State and works for a PR firm in Wash. DC. I’ve been in the toy industry 26 years currently working for Hasbro as VP Customer Business Mgt. I promise there will be no lead in this bio! We have been students of A Course In Miracles for 23 years. We’re licensed foster parents. No kids right now because I am retiring next April and traveling across country in our RV. Then returning to our condo in Myrtle Beach. For closer look try Myspace search: carandgar (Last update 12/1/07)
Gerstein, Louis

Gesek, Patricia
I’ve been living in Texas now for ten years. I’m remarried to a retired pharmacist and I work at El Paso E&P in Houston as a Land Assistant. Our department leases blocks of land in the Gulf of Mexico for exploration and production and we also cover So. Louisiana. The work is interesting and my coworkers are great. Tom and I have a 35′ sailboat that he likes to race (pretty successfully), and I like to meet him for the parties – although I have been known to participate. We live in a townhouse on a marina right by our boat. It’s a fun lifestyle and our social life revolves around the yacht club, sailing and family. From my husband’s family, we have four grandsons and one newborn granddaughter – finally! My daughter, Tracy, lives in West Orange and recently married. My son, Chris, lives here in Houston and is unattached. I’ll try to make it to the reunion. I’ll have to study everyone’s pictures so I can semi-recognize all of you and you me. I enjoyed the tenth reunion but the 40th – how could that be?!?! (Last update 2008)

Glassen, Susan
Glassmith Rader, Wendy

Glick, Anita

From the Washington Post, June 26, 2023:
Anita Frances Glick passed away in Washington, DC on April 14, 2023. Raised in Livingston NJ, she studied voice with Natasha Lutov. After graduating from Oberlin College, she came to Washington to work as an NEA Program Aide. She was Director of Development for the Folger Theatre Group from 1977 to 1979 and volunteered with DC dance troupes. 

Anita lived in Paris in 1980-81, returning to earn an MA in Education at Marymount University. She taught ESOL at Washington Mill Elementary School in Alexandria, VA. 

Anita was an accomplished choral singer. She performed with the Oratorio Society, St. Alban’s Episcopal Church Choir, Washington Chorus, and The City Choir of Washington. Anita is survived by her niece Mindy Haber, nephew Michael Barrington-Haber, and Michael Licht, her companion of 23 years.

Glynn, James (
Several years ago the music of Jimmer Glynn and Alan Rackin (deceased) was discovered by a someone in France. That man ,now a good friend, was the catalyst for our music being released on vinyl in 2014. Since then a second album was released in France and our Apple audition tape was just released in England. I am touched to now have fans of our music all over the world. I just wish Alan was still here to enjoy the recognition with me.(Last update 8/21/18) 40th Reunion attendee.

Glynn, Joan
Godel, Lois (
I have been an artist, a small business owner, a lawyer, a poet and a mediator. I am the proud mother of 2 and grandmother of 2. Married for the second time to Jay Silverman for 18 years. I’ve spent most of my adult life in the Midwest, moving from Michigan to the D.C. area for 9 years and recently back to Michigan, lured there by grandchildren. Semi-retired, I still mediate, write, volunteer and advocate for young people transitioning out of Foster Care (Our House, MI) and for animals (Humane Societies, Ann Arbor, MI and Sarasota, FL). (Last update 4/20/18) 50th Reunion attendee.
Goldstein, Robert
Goldstein, Steve

Gompf, Rebecca
I graduated from Ohio State with my veterinary degree in 1975, did an internship at the Animal Medical Center in NY City, and then did a cardiology residency at UCDavis. I joined the faculty at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine in 1978 and am still there teaching students and seeing animals with heart disease. I adopted my daughter from Honduras and she is an assistant medical records technician. I had to give up horse back riding this year but still enjoy gardening, reading, and walking. I am doing some traveling but hope to do much more once I retire in 20. Updated (9/23/18). 50th Reunion attendee.

Goodhand, Alfred (
Retired and following the “endless summer” by living in Wilmington, North Carolina May – October, and Naples, Florida November – April. (Last update 9/3/17) 40th & 50th Reunion attendee.
Goodman, Karen
As of July 2018, Professor Emerita, Music Therapy, Montclair State University. Over a 40 year career, I wrote three published books in my field and was funded for travel and conference presentation/teaching throughout the United States and in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada, China ,Israel, Korea, Norway, and the United Kingdom. I have been married for 35 years and have two wonderful children. Now trying to figure out the next chapter. (Last update 7/24/18) 40th Reunion attendee.
Goodman, Robin

Gottfred, Dorothy
After LHS i went to college in Boston… had a great time… In 1975 i helped my folks move to Coral Springs FL and never went back..i worked for US Shoes “Casual Corner” for 10 years… met my husband Gary at a July 4th party 28 years ago… we have an exceptional daughter Mackenzie who will be 21 in August… she is pursing a career in pharmacy & also teaches & models part-time..… Gary runs our business “Florida Courtworks” anything that pertains to tennis, basketball and sport courts… i have been working for two local water utility companies for 24 years in charge of utility billing… great job i enjoy it.. Gary loves golf.. i’ve had some interesting experiences… for a while we restored old Jaguars… my car is a 1985 XJS British racing green/tan interior with wire wheels… garaged since gas crunch… we also help with finding homes for retired greyhounds… we’ve had three… couch potatoes… my mother says hi to all the girls in her girl scout troop… looking forward to seeing you.” (Last update 6/9/08) 40th Reunion attendee.

Grady Huskey, Joanne (

Joanne Grady Huskey is co-founder of Global Adjustments, Inc. (India); of the American International School of Chennai (India); and of I LIVE 2 LEAD Young Women’s International Leadership Program. She was for many years International Director of VSA Arts at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. Her book, The Unofficial Diplomat, was published in 2010 by the U.S. Department of State’s Association for Diplomatic Studies. Her second book, Make It In India, on U.S.-India commercial relations, was published in February 2015. In 2019, she published iCAN: A Young Woman’s Guide to Taking the Lead. Her latest books include,Growing Up Grady, about her large Irish Catholic family, and her first children’s book, Christopher & Caroline in Kenya.Ms. Huskey has been published in the Washington Post, Newsweek, Foreign Service Journal, State Magazine, Hemispheres Magazine, and Centered on Taipei. Ms. Huskey was honored as 2014 Purpose Prize Fellow by and was awarded the “Points of Light Award” by Secretary of State James Baker for her work in the Asia-Pacific region. Ms. Huskey has a Masters degree from Harvard University. (Last update 10/20/22) 40th & 50th Reunion attendee.

LHS68 note: Joanne’s books are available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Grah, Nancy
Greaves Speenburgh, Mary
I’ve been married to Bill (LHS Class of ’65) for 36 years now and am currently working for a chiropractor. We live in Byram, NJ now and Spart before that. We have two beautiful daughters: Amy 26 (married and a writer for AAA) and Megan 29 (an ultrasound technician in Baltimore). Notable accomplishments: being a mom and wife! (Last update 7/28/07) 40th Reunion attendee.
Greenberg Wallach, Nina (
I’m still involved as a travel agent based in New York. I have been living in Toronto for the past 16 years with my wonderful Canadian husband (by way of Brooklyn, New York).  I love living in Canada and became a citizen the day before Trump was inaugurated.I have two step kids living in Chicago and L.A-we are constantly flying which my husband and I love to do. Our two dogs, a Golden Retriever and a rescue keep us busy and entertained. Hard to believe 50 years have gone by….. seems like only yesterday…… (Last update 3/14/18) 40th & 50th Reunion attendee.


Gross Kahane, Pamm

From the site of The Pamm Gross Kahane Healthcare Research Institute:

“The PGKHRI honors the memory and legacy of Pamm Gross Kahane and her approach to life and to illness – which she displayed and shared in her professional role as a nurse, and as a volunteer who supported patients and families within the Life’s Door community.” Read more about the PGKHRI here.

Pamm’s bio as she gave it to us 10 years back…

Moved to Israel in 1974. Worked as an open-heart intensive care nurse for 30 years. Married 29 years to the same great guy. We have two children. Our son is getting married this August and is CTO at a computer start-up company. Our daughter is studying veterinary medicine. My husband and I spend two months a year traveling much of the world. I’m still skiing and spend my semi-retirement riding my horse and studying. (3/22/07)

Grossman, Wynne
I’ve been a California girl ever since I visited Kenny Segall in the mid-70s and decided it was the place for me. I live on a couple of acres in Marin County, with deer, feral cats and an occasional bobcat. For many years I directed leadership development and community health programs for a hospital association, so I traveled around the country working with community coalitions and speaking at conferences. Now I run the statewide organization that advocates for community oral health in CA. I love hiking — Dolomites, Tahoe, Sedona — and going to health spas. How about a semi-reunion in CA? (Last update 4/18/07) 40th & 50th  Reunion attendee.
Gruber Adams, Ilene (
Ilene Adams, owner of The Marketing Works of Palm Beach, is a graphic designer, marketing consultant and artist combining her business acumen with her artistic skills to create branding and marketing that best represents you or your business. After owning a nationally acclaimed multimillion dollar broadcast marketing company in the Northeast for over 20 years, Ilene moved to Florida and shifted her interest to small businesses and the arts. In addition to her business clients, Ilene has worked in the non-profit art world bringing her marketing talents and creativity to an art center in West Palm Beach, several art organizations and working to advance art and artists in the community, and offer her expertise through seminars on marketing your art. She is co-director of an arts non-profit, ArtSynergy, and has served as a board member at several organizations, and was a long-time advisor for the Cultural Affairs Committee for the city of West Palm Beach. Currently. She is a working artist and exhibits in many art venues as well as curates various shows.
Ilene lives in Jupiterwith her husband of 30 years, Norm; has two daughters, Rachel and Kayla; two dogs, Ricky and Shiva and a cat Luca. Find out more at http://www.IleneAdamsInc and http://www.IleneAdamsFineArt. (Last update 9/28/17) 40th & 50th Reunion attendee.
Gruber, Larry
Gruen, Martin

Gutman Bernstein, Janice (
I am married to my best friend, Alfred for 40 years. We have 1 daughter, Elana. She is a rheumatologist at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. Elana is also an assistant professor at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons. Her and her husband, Geoffrey, gave us 2 awesome grandchildren. The grand kids enrich our days to the nth degree. I retired from teaching Physical Education and Health in New Brunswick, NJ after 39 years. My days are quite busy babysitting, traveling, reading and playing tennis. (Last updated 10/30/17) 40th & 50th Reunion attendee.