Classmates J

Jacobwitz Lederman, Marcia (
I have lived in Montville, NJ for the past 30+ years with my husband of 34 years, Danny (29 year old son, Max got married this past July and has lived in NYC for past 7 years and works at Vice Media; stepdaughter, Jessica, is an English teacher in Union County). I recently retired after 24 years as Executive Recruiter in the pharmaceutical advertising niche and could not be happier! I spend most of my time involved in Creature Comfort Pet Therapy with my nearly 16-year old Tibetan Terrier, Bandit (founding member of now almost 250 team non-profit that completed 4,000+ visits last year); gardening; bicycling; fitness training; reading. (Last update 2/15/18) 40th Reunion attendee.

Jaenike, Patricia

Jameson, Donald
I have been married to the stunning Kathy Hauptman (from Livingston) for the past 31 years! We have five beautiful daughters, two fabulous sons-in-law, two wonderful granddaughters and one dashing grandson. We have lived on a horse farm in Stillwater, NJ, for the past 30 years. Life is good! (Last update 2/22/08) 40th & 50th Reunion attendee.

Jankola, Linda

Jeydel, Rick

From The Star Ledger, January 1, 2008

Richard Kahn Jeydel died on Dec. 20, at age 57. Rick is survived by his wife, Ellen, his son, Peter, his daughter, Patricia E., his mother, Patricia K., and his brother, Lawrence. Rick was the general counsel for Kanematsu USA Inc., and also worked as an arbitrator and mediator. He graduated from Harvard Law School, served on the executive committee of the American Arbitration Association, and on the editorial board of the N.J. Lawyer. Rick also served in the U.S. Army JAG Corps.

Johnson, Harry
Jones, Doug

Jones, Ralph
40th Reunion attendee.

Joralemon, Maggie
Living in Montclair, retired after 28 rich, fulfilling years as a Newark Public School educator. I’m now in higher education and have my sights overseas. I recently became a certified yoga teacher. I am fortunate enough to be near my daughters and two delicious grandchildren. I am blessed with great family, friends, health and the opportunity to continue moving in and out of sensible conventionality, coalition building and necessary rebellion. Life is good. (Last update 7/25/08) 40th & 50th Reunion attendee.

Jordan, Donald

Jordhoy Battista, Judith
Married in 1970. Three children: Brian 35, Dana 34, Nicole 30. One grandchild  Jayden Anthony Miller (almost five!!) and one soon to be! in October!! sex will be a SURPRISE!! After LHS I went on to become a nurse, and worked at Saint Barnabas. After the kids came along I stayed at home and later on (jumping over a few years!!) opened my own business along with my two partners, Parkside Talent Management Group located in the heart of Summit, NJ. Still married (same hubby) for 38 years… Well, believe me to cover over the last 40 years!!  Oh boy!! Hope to meet with my many high school friends… those years are a pure treasure. Cheers! (Last update 5/23/07) 50th Reunion attendee.

Joseph Danchisko, Phyllis (
Grandmother of two wonderful children. I am retired and enjoying my time. My husband and I enjoy traveling. (Last update 2/14/18) 40th & 50th Reunion attendee.