Classmates N

Nashmy, Roberty ([email protected])
Happily married for 45 years and living in Randolph, NJ. Our daughter Elyse is 32 married and living in Morris County. We have a grandson Jaxon who will soon be 4. I am still actively running my business importing and distributing products to the beauty industry. I am looking forward to seeing everyone this September at our reunion!. (Last update 5/17/18) 40th & 50th Reunion attendee.

Naugle, Louis ([email protected])
Still married; still have two children (37 and 33); still practicing environmental law at ReedSmith. What has changed is that we have moved to the Chicago area to be closer to our children and to spend more time with our two grandchildren. Fortunately the firm has an office in Chicago so other than the hassle of admission to the Illinois bar, the move was relatively seamless. We live two houses away from my daughter and my 3 year old granddaughter refers to our house as “her house”, which gives you an idea of how often we see them. (Last update 9/13/17) 40th & 50th Reunion attendee.

Neats, Carol

Neilson, Sherrill
40th Reunion attendee.

Nemeth, Russell
I was drafted into the Army two months after graduation and spent 14 months in Vietnam. I was discharged in March of 1971 in Oakland, California. I spent a couple of weeks touring Southern California.(loved the climate). I returned to N.J. and the weather was miserable. Guess what? By September I was back in CA with no regrets. I worked in the food industry as a mechanic for seven years and a maintenance manager for 28 years. I retired as a Maintenance Manager in June of 2006. I am currently married to my second beautiful wife for 19 years. We have four daughters, one son, three granddaughters and five grandsons. For recreation I spend a lot of time golfing (year round, eat your hearts out golfers), riding my Harley and spending time up at our cabin in Big Bear Mountains. Big Bear is a recreation area in the San Bernadino mountains that has skiing in the winter and fishing and boating in the summer. I live about 30-45 minutes from Newport Beach, I have the best of both worlds. Life is good, I hope it is the same for everyone else. (Last update 12/4/07)

Neuman Hoshia, Karen
40rth Reunion attendee.

Neuss, Steven
After high school I was pre-vet at Rutgers, and I got my masters at the University of Missouri. I still wasn’t able to get into veterinary school in the United States, but I did get into Pahlavi University, Shiraz, Iran. I was there from 1975 to 1979. I managed to survive the revolution and graduate. Actually it probably wasn’t as bad as you might imagine. It was harder on my parents than it was on me. They told me they had hives for 8 months. I didn’t get married till I was 50. My wife Joyce and our daughter,s Ilysa and Lara, are the loves of my life. Best wishes to everyone, and I’m looking foward to seeing you all in 2008. (Last update 11/11/07) 40th Reunion attendee.

Nevins Johnstone, Phyllis
40th Reunion attendee.

Nicholls, Elmer ([email protected])
WOW can’t believe it’s been three more years already. The big 70 in another week. Joanne thanks for the Fabulous ZOOM celebration! Wife and I are blessed that life is moving forward without further challenges since her CVA four years ago. Just taking it slower and enjoying how slow times affords more opportunities to smell the roses 🌹and bask in their fragrance and beauty more completely and for longer periods of time. Please stay safe everyone, cherish life, every moment, with utmost passion and compassion for humanity and the planet we live on. All that we have is each other and it is only in each others hands, together, that success will be determined for humanity.(Last update 12/6/20) 40th Reunion attendee.

Nord, Kenneth

(From Larry Plevy)
Ken lived in New Jersey after obtaining his medical credentials for adolescent gastroenterology. Was married twice and had two children. Practiced in Livingston and passed away in 2006..

Nordt, Cal ([email protected])
I graduated cum laude in English from Yale, where my senior thesis was a book of my own poetry. I was All-Ivy three consecutive years in discus and shot, and briefly top 20 in the NCAA, but not enough for my Olympic dream. I did compete in England and won the championship of Ireland. I was on Yale’s Governance Commission, which did a 50-year rewrite of the Yale Constitution. After many interesting jobs from high school on, I graduated to working truck and rail docks and driving a forklift, which led me to a 30-year career in transportation management, primarily in trade show shipments. I had my own business in that for my last 20 years in trucking. I even spent almost two years in mid-life operating one of my moving vans cross-country. I lived in the Boston area fifteen years and moved to the Raleigh NC area for business in 1988, loved it and stayed. Our town, Apex, NC, was almost like the Livingston of our childhood. I raised five children with my wife, from whom I am now separated. I founded a company, a church parish and a kid’s wrestling club, and coached kids’ sports. I also competed in track until age 43, when I started having back problems. I became physically disabled a decade ago, unable to work as I had or barely walk, so I returned to writing – what else? I’ve been published and won some awards for poetry, and got interested in starting and leading poetry events, founding Raleigh’s largest- ever non-academic poetry event. I have been an NC Poetry Society Board of Directors member for almost three years, editing the Society’s two newsletters with the assistance of my graphic design expert daughter, Katie LaRosa. We also assist authors in publishing – please let me know if you have your own unpublished book or need any writing services! In spite of disability and pain I’m very happy with my new life of a decade so far and the many new friends it has given me. Some of my poetry can be found at (Last update 1/23/18) 50th Reunion attendee.

Norman, Alpheus
I recently moved to Lavallette NJ with Jeneene, my wife of 36 years, as we both like the shore.  After LHS, I graduated from the University of Delaware and later earned an MBA at Seton Hall.  Before retiring two years ago, my career included 29 years working for northern NJ commercial banks in the commercial lending area; and 13 years working for financial consulting firms that specialized in troubled companies.  Jeneene and I previously lived in Montville NJ for over 35 years, where we raised our son Garrett (33), who is married to Lindsi and living in NYC.  (Last update 8/28/18) 40th & 50th Reunion attendee.

Nugiel, Nellie ([email protected])
I am producing the reboot of Charmed in Vancouver, BC and I am unable to make it to the reunion. I have had a wonderful career producing movies and episodic television and I feel lucky to be able to continue. My son Eric is a lieutenant in the US Army stationed in Germany. He recently married a wonderful woman from Norwich, England. My son Jake works in the Art Department in film and television and is just beginning his studies in Architectural Design. Jake and I share a house in Los Angeles, and until recently my mother lived with us as well. Life has been good. I still remember the wondeful times spent with my best friends from LHS – Mindy and Joann. (Last update 8/26/18) 40th Reunion attendee.

Nyman Tiefer, Hillary ([email protected])
I live with my husband, Jeff, now in Portland, Oregon. I have three grown sons. I used to be an English professor but now I am a writer. My short stories are in literary journals (some online) and my debut historical novel will be published in October. (Last update 3/26/18) 40th Reunion attendee.