Classmates T
Tahaney Elphick, Mary
I married Dennis Elphick in May 1974. We have three children: Shannon Lea, Jennifer Lynn, and DJ. We moved to Richmond, VA in 1991 with Nabisco. Dennis is still with Nabisco (Kraft Foods) 48 years now. I have been with Virginia Credit Union for eight years. Shannon and Chris Ciarochi met while in college at University of Virginia in 1998; they were married at the UVA chapel July 2002. They are expecting their first child (our first grandchild) on July 4. Jennifer went to University of Maryland, then on to Virginia Commenwealth University. She still lives in Richmond but would love to get back up north. DJ (Dennis) graduates from Clemson University December 2007. DJ is a die-hard Giants/NY Yankees fan. He enjoys annoying everyone he can in Virginia and South Carolina with any Giants/Yankees apparell or statistics. The other member of our family is our five-year-old West Highland Terrier, Shamus. (Last update 12/9/07)
Taylor, Robert

Terzo, Joan

Terzo, Judi

Todd, William
I left New Jersey after graduation in 1968 for New England, college, Hawaii, Cape Cod, Graduate degree in Finance, married 30 years to Bettina. My kids: Jon 24, graduated U of Vermont, Katherine 21, Colgate 2008, Elizabeth 21, Gettysburg 2008 (twins, go figure). I have worked in the investment business for 30 years helping people, mainly retirees, tough to retire. We enjoy the waves still and snowboarding in Utah and VT. I see Jim Snyder and his family here and he is well and alive, God bless him!  Why are all the LHS hockey players lost? (Updated 5/29/07) 40th Reunion attendee.

Treiber, Miklos

Miklos Treiber, 62, owner, Valley Rental Centers, Hickory and Lenoir, N.C., died Oct. 11, 2012. Born in Hungary, he immigrated to the U.S. when he was seven years old and grew up in Livingston, N.J. Treiber, a Vietnam War veteran, earned his Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina before working for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The family settled in Morganton, N.C., in 1981, where he worked at and later became owner of Valley Rental Centers, a 39-year member of the American Rental Association. He was active in the ARA of North Carolina, participating in events and hosting members at his store.

Trivigno, Dennis

From Pat Gesek Macaluso (5/20/08)
I too remember Dennis’ easygoing ways and friendly smile. There was an ease about him that put you at ease. He always had a smile and some entertaining story. Dennis was one of the St. Phil’s group and in a class that small, we all knew each other. I would see him now and again after high school, usually in the Landmark. That’s where he would eat his dinner after work before heading home. The Landmark still has the best burgers since Stewarts closed. The last time I saw Dennis, in the mid 90s, was at the Landmark and we had a nice visit. Dennis was friends with Jimmy Morahan so I can only imagine that they’re partying and having a good time!

From Steven Calhoun (3/28/08)
I was a friend of Dennis Trivigno. We met in class. After graduation, I worked during the summer at Joe’s Exxon Station. The most exciting day on the job was when Audrey came to the station. I then went to Salem College in West Virginia. One day, the repressive college Dean came up to me, stared at my moustache and said “Shave the fuzz.” I determined that my first semester at Salem College would be my last. While back in Livingston, I returned to work at Joe’s. One day, I drove to the Volkswagen automobile dealership in Summit to buy parts for my Beetle. I was offered a job. Dennis came into the dealership. He also had a Beetle but his was the fastest. His problem was that because the Chevrolet Corvair engine he put into his VW was so powerful, it would break the transmission. Dennis invited me to test-drive his car. After driving it, I complimented him by telling him he should get jet wings for it because it was incredibly fast. Speaking about fast, Dennis was an expert at meeting women and I was shy. Going someplace with Dennis usually guaranteed me meeting pretty women and his winning many. In August of 1969, I entered Monmouth University. In 1971, I was again in Livingston and Dennis called me from California. He described things to me that led me to conclude that it was necessary for me to go to California to prevent his destruction from drugs. I went there. Dennis and I hitchhiked from California to New Jersey. It was an adventure during the height of the Vietnam War. In almost every ride we got, the driver had something to say about the war, social conditions, or activism. I mostly listened. Dennis had a talent of making everyone at ease. The policeman who made us walk out of town rather then arrest us. The attorney who told us of her helping the poor. The U.S. Marine Sergeant who expressed his paranoia. I can accurately say that Dennis did a lot to let people know they were appreciated. His diplomacy disarmed all. Maybe his small but significant contribution helped save our nation from falling into a precipice during our youth. I hope everyone will look at his photograph and see his friendly smile.

Last, this is the bio Dennis submitted to us for the 40th reunion:
I’m living in Fayetteville, N.C. Retired from Southern Wine & Spirits. Never married but had long relationship with Anne. Had triple-bypass in 2005 and am doing well. Spending lots of time with my four nieces and nephew and enjoying Rachel, Isabella, Sophia, Ava Grace and Zach. Good health to all and may you be blessed. ( 11/12/07)

Tsien, Roger

As most are aware, Roger built upon his brilliance at LHS and went on to make this a better world through his love of science, winning the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2008. His New York Times obituary tells the story of his life.

Watch Rober’s Nobel Banquet speech (4 minutes).

Watch Roger’s Nobel lecture (47 minutes).

See Roger receive the Nobel Prize.

Read the story of Roger’s life in the LHS68 Library.

Tucker Rivera, Carole
I have a 37-year-old son Sean who just blessed me with a beautiful granddaughter (Emerson). I am not lucky enough to retire yet. I am an RN and working in administration in a nursing home (I love the elderly since I am rapidly approaching it!) I am looking foward to the reunion since I am no longer lost!!! (Last update 12/18/07) 40th Reunion attendee.

Tunnero Priarone, Michelle

Turak, Nancy
Been married 27 years to a professor at UC Berkeley. We raised two great sons, 21 and 25, out here in Paradise (well, until the Big One), doing lots of skiing, biking, hiking, etc.  My husband’s stroke 4 years ago slowed us down but didn’t stop us. Have lived in London, Oxford, and Paris and will spend this fall in Munich. I do health care consulting and had great fun getting an MBA two years ago. Looking forward to new life adventures and to seeing everyone next year. (Last update 5/2/07) 40th & 50th Reunion attendee.

Tutela Gallagher, Diane